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A key feature of the approach to assessment development proposed in this report is that the effort should be guided by an explicit, contemporary cognitive model of learning that describes how people represent knowledge and develop competence in the subject domain, along with an interpretation model that is compatible with the cognitive model. If it was a moment of vivid insight for you, it may well be a breakthrough for your audience. A conclusion section refocuses the purpose of the research, revealing a synopsis of what was found and leads into the implications of the findings. Expanding the Knowledge Base Recommendation 2: Funding should be provided for a major program of research, guided by a synthesis of cognitive and measurement principles, focused on the design of assessments that yield more valid and fair inferences about student achievement. But your research paper not being written in English does not mean that this also holds true for the abstract. Chief among them are: Make revisions of your research questions to ensure a focus on your current teaching and what your students are learning. While the prototypes have been used effectively in selected classrooms and educational settings, there is generally limited experience with their application outside of relatively controlled settings or in large-scale contexts.

This means that it is possible that other important factors have been left out of these models. The use of assessments based on cognitive and measurement science will also necessitate different forms of reporting on student progress, both to parents and to administrators.

Quotes, vignettes, field notes, work samples and other data can be used to support interpretations and assertions.

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Marketing campaigns intended to promote the values of liv- ing in CNs should emphasize these kinds of attributes and benefits. These provide insights into the main topics addressed in your research paper cf.

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Synthesis of Existing Knowledge Recommendation 1: Accumulated knowledge and ongoing advances from the merger of the cognitive and measurement sciences should be synthesized and made available in usable forms to multiple educational constituencies.

This work was produced by Nicolini et al. A practical challenge, is, of course, how to promote this kind of behavior in enough instances to have a measurable, beneficial effect on travel con- ditions. Implications for practice Our main aim in this study was to address the almost total lack of research evidence on what it means to mobilise knowledge when operating at the very top of English NHS organisations.

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However the changes were apparently due to the suite of services and not to the marketing messages.

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In research, what is the difference between implication and recommendation?