Writing activities for hunger games

When teaching this book, you might consider emphasizing its point of view and tense.

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Evaluate the extent to which Katniss and Peeta remain true to their identities before, during, and after the Games. For inspiration, check out what the student writers on Figment have done. There are also many Hunger Games activities you can devise and conduct focusing on characters from the novel.

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To start, brainstorm three lists: Who else could tell the story anyone from Prim to Peeta to an anonymous viewer in the Capitol ; When in the plot you might set the new piece Before the first novel begins?

The last line of the poem will include a metaphor of the emotion. This activity will encourage creative thought while motivating students to think critically about the novel. Discuss the tyrannical nature of the government of Panem and describe the various tactics the Capitol uses to maintain its power.

Writing activities for hunger games

Other Fun Ideas Create a Game Based on the Novel Encourage students to create a board game, card game, or learning game using the events and experiences from the novel. Why do we like reality shows so much? What aspects resist the medium? How might you transform details from your everyday life into a dystopian fantasy? Students at Colorado State University use pool noodles, hula-hoops and water balloons, and at the Bristol Eastern High School library competitors decorate cakes and take geography tests. Pinpoint and analyze symbols used throughout the novel. How is this question or theme present in other works of literature or film? Facebook update? According to this teacher , her male students argued for days over who had the best chance of getting a date with her. Are your students obsessed? Which items do they feel they could benefit from the most? Another fun activity to do with The Hunger Games is to have your students create propaganda posters. Combining Visions Students will create a mural of the novel.

Line 4 What does the emotion feel like? Students then go the the computer lab or library in groups to research various oppressive regimes around the world today.

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Is she a tool of the state? Collins says in the piece. What do you think of Ms. You might then create a female-character tournament bracket to battle it out for Best, or write the script for a fantasy talk show in which several of these characters get together to talk about their physical, moral, intellectual and romantic challenges. From Novel to Film In general, have you been satisfied by film translations of novels you have loved? They then have their profiles to consult while writing their sketches, which provides scaffolding and creates a logical flow between Hunger Games activities. Some schools are so Hunger-Game-enamored that they have staged versions of the Games themselves. How do you teach these novels? Then have students create propaganda posters that the Capitol might post throughout the districts. For inspiration, check out what the student writers on Figment have done. The students love it, and there are many important issues and themes to explore. Identify Objectives for Teaching The Hunger Games Recognize the form of narration and comment on why Collins may have chosen this particular type of narration. Begin with a lesson about propaganda in general. Advertising Panem Products Students will make a series of billboards for products created in Capitol City and used by Hunger Games participants. What are the best examples you can think of?

Why is it effective? Because I love this character and this book so much. What big questions — about the characters, or about violence, survival, poverty, politics, power, authority, entertainment, celebrity, love, family, loyalty, leadership, male and female roles, good and evil, or anything else — does this book raise for you?

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"The Hunger Games" Novel Study