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Related Article CreditJohn Francis Peters for The New York Times Music today incites opinions not just about the artists and albums themselves, but also about universal themes, like the music industrysocial mediamoralitythe human conditionculturethe past and the future. We know that including it in the large ensemble classroom is a tremendous challenge.

Incorporating writing into the content area classroom

Question to Consider: How can we organize this curriculum to fully address our content? We know that including it in the large ensemble classroom is a tremendous challenge. We had to develop an album cover, complete with visuals on the front and a song list on the back. The Use of Learning Logs Like journals, learning logs are typically done in class and not graded. Either way is fine — you just need to figure out what those topics are and write them down. When I look at the Pulitzers across the board, what I overwhelmingly see rewarded are journalistic virtues: fact-gathering, vivid detail, storytelling, topicality, verbal dexterity and, often, real-world impact after publication. They then select questions for their response and share with the class. Take the time now to figure out what you want this curriculum to look like, be used for, and how you want it to flow. What background information is provided? And we know that reciprocal learning in a classroom, whether to build subject matter competency or community, is key in pulling out the best academic results from those students.

However, literacy is a multi-modal process that not only involves reading, but also speaking, listening, writing, critical thinking, and any other process or resource that helps students express their learning experiences. Clearly I'm not alone because my own second-grader's teacher sent him home with the printed out lyrics to Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive.

What textures does the music bring forth?

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How did they effectively weave in biographical details to tell a story about the artist and the music? They practice developing a clear claim, citing evidence and writing with a strong voice.

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Most people think of reading and reading comprehension with the topic of literacy. While that can sometimes be appropriate, more often than not we have some stellar lessons or units that can carry over to the new curriculum.

Consider having your students submit their finished pieces to our annual student review contest. However, you can include it effectively and efficiently through this sequence of literacy processes.

What I do understand, however, is that not everyone is a musicologist.

How writing standards can support learning in all content areas

Have your students write an editorial on a music-related topic that matters to them. This is now officially one fewer guaranteed platform — which, yes, should be open to many genres — for noncommercial work, which scrapes by on grants, fellowships, commissions and, yes, awards. There are so many different ways to design curriculum and only you know what works best for your situation. How do they open and close each episode? The intelligent music student sees a musical symbol, identifies it with a label, and defines it before they perform it. What music-related topics do your students care about? It doesn't have the last long, merely a stanza or two, but enough to get the oxygen back to their noggin' and the alertness back in their eyes. John Williams is playing on the speakers. However, I believe, a more casual everyday use of music can have as much power as explicitly teaching music as it relates to one's subject matter. Feeling like you have to bring in another content area can be daunting, but adding music as a learning layer isn't like that, and there are many options you can use to keep those students awake and more receptive to absorbing your content.

In fact, writing can be used as a tool for learning, not just showing what was learned, in all disciplines. Getting that feedback is so helpful in ensuring any curriculum you work on stays relevant for a long time to come.

Writing across the curriculum music

Once you have the topics and standards outlined, now you can write your lessons. Was your writing convincing to readers? Question to Consider: How can we organize this curriculum to fully address our content? But most people actually skip this step. Exercise 9: Write an editorial on a music-related topic. How do the critics talk to and respond to one another? You might allow students to choose one of their favorite or least favorite artists or songs to practice writing passionately and knowledgeably about a subject. However, the learning log differs from a journal because it is a tool for reflection rather than a place to deal with personal experience or respond only to texts. Example In Instrumental Music III, students complete a "sensual description" activity to help them listen closely when being introduced to a composition before they sight read it the focus of this activity is to engage the musicians as careful listeners rather than stressing strict sight reading skills. While band and orchestra students use reading continuously throughout their rehearsals, seldom do they write music and its symbolic language. While our students need significant time to rehearse the music to be performed, they should also be given the opportunity to learn about music outside of the performance setting. The activity allows students to preview the piece and connect to it with their senses before sight reading it. In fact, writing can be used as a tool for learning, not just showing what was learned, in all disciplines.

Outline your overarching topics.

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