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I've shied away from accents for 20 years because they are hard, and it's easy to get it wrong Great service! Thank you very much!

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These kits have helped me understand the dialect easily. I really like the logical, efficient way it progresses from one point to the next, giving plenty of practice along the way. Christine VandemoorteleFreelance Producer Very helpful and pretty quick at completing projects.

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The instruction is super clear, and the guide material is incredibly helpful. I got a script at 9pm last Thursday needing a Russian accentand by 4pm on Friday I was ready to go.

Fast email responses, fast delivery of audio files and all with positive and warm personalities shining through! Thank you so much!

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It really is a pleasure to find such wonderful materials. Vernacular English is the name given to the accent of Afro-Americans. Thanks so much for your excellent course. I love your dedication to this. So, good-oh as dey say! Your work makes my work better and I appreciate it. Thanks for your help! So having accents at hand can be very useful. It was a difficult decision to make for many reasons, not the least of which was that I was having such fun digging into the accent!
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