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To answer these questions, we have decided to review how Wellcome supports science. We are becoming more global, and the next generations of scientists are considering careers that diverge from the traditional academic path. With this in mind, it is timely for Wellcome to review the way we support research to ensure we get the best possible advances in scientific knowledge and health. And four principles will guide our work. The review will ask what Wellcome-funded science is for and how it can best achieve our mission to improve health. This will probably be through surveys, interviews and workshops. What career stages should Wellcome focus on? Any major changes that affect the community will be introduced no earlier than October Nothing is off the table: we will be ambitious in our vision but realistic in our implementation. These are challenging and important questions, and we expect the work to take at least a year. Planned science funding streams will continue.

This will prevent us from being too inward looking and should help to generate diverse and innovative ideas early in the review process. We expect to take 12—18 months to complete the review, and another two years to plan and implement the proposals. During the summer we will then test and iterate ideas with Wellcome colleagues, with our grantholders and the people who help us reach our funding decisions.

Latest news. Our initial focus will be on these new groups, rather than the communities we already know.

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This will probably be through surveys, interviews and workshops. With whom should Wellcome partner? Our formal objectives are to: establish a clear aspiration and bold ambitions for Wellcome-funded science identify what changes Wellcome needs to make to achieve these ambitions define realistic and appropriate ways to judge progress and success.

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How should Wellcome best support science to achieve our mission of improving health?