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Thanks to the two kickers and an up-rail you can also practice jumps. Modular pieces can be assembled into various waterpark configurations or as standalone play products. What should the shape of the lake and the cable system be?

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Whether you are a beginner or expert rider, a wakeskater or wakeboarder, our full cable features are designed for everyone. If you want to confirm that your cable park business plan achieves this goal, and that it is investor and lender ready, why not call the business plan writing experts at MasterPlans today?

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Cable wake boarding, Horning asserts, is actually safer and easier that being pulled behind a boat. The crew at Valdosta Wake Compound is constantly pushing the sport and the facility alike and have come to develop a moto of "dedicated to progression", which is fundamental to the day to day operations at the compound.

Yes, cable parks have been built in salt water. Or maybe you're just interested in knowing more about what goes into the development of a cable park. Our rental gear includes top of the line Slingshot equipment.

wakeboard features for sale

We have seen as many as 40 people waiting in line at one cable system. ShBarcelona will tell you all about it!

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