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As stringent environmental standards for water and wastewater treatment are being introduced across the globe, according to Radke pressure is growing on existing facilities for the treatment of clean drinking and process water, safe industrial effluents, sewage and the resultant sludge.

Should Siemens not have exited the water business, GE would not have exited the water business. He passed, but told the head hunter he was okay with hiring me, but that I tried to BS him about resin.

As I described my experience I touched on using chelating resin for metals removal.

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I thought to myself, no shit? Many people who were squashed in the transition were the ones who should have been leading the industry. Effective Oct. I never gave a good gas pass about which machine we needed to sell, which machines were the most profitable, or any other non-essential market mumbo jumbo.

Siemens AG announced today it has agreed to purchase the worldwide systems and services businesses of the USFilter Corp. I pointed to the Rohm and Haas catalog behind his head and referred him to the page where the resin could be found. A Mexican company with 15 years of experience in water purification, Helguera will represent Siemens Water Technologies, selling and servicing its water purification systems in Mexico and Latin America. Again, different cultures that were mostly toxic to each other. A treatment facility in the U. He frowned and explaind that there was no such thing. In the U. Thank you my colleague and now, friend! Siemens will further integrate the USFilter portfolio into its global operations to benefit from the brand awareness and know-how of one of the leading U. Sri Nayak says:. I have my own views, a plan for what I believe is the perfect business model, and some historical evidence to support my thoughts, but that may be food for another article or discussion. I believe that not understanding the distinction you made is proof positive of some executives getting drunk off of the sexy nature of the water industry, and never having done due dilligence with respect to what the business really involved in the first place.

Siemens is trying expand on the U. December 13, at am Thank you for your comments, Dan.

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Siemens AG announced today it has agreed to purchase the worldwide systems and services businesses of the USFilter Corp. Helguera is recognized in the market for its highly trained staff and focus on providing superior, professional service.

Radke outlined the company's plan to bring USFilter technology to global customers via the Siemens world-wide network of sales and service offices. At Weirton Steel I sold management on a water softener as a replacement to antiscalant for boiler feed.

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Why Would Siemens and now GE exit the water business?