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It isn't until he is alone and praying that his true feelings are revealed. Erick said nothing. Work Cited.

He often prayed that God would send them the answer to their prayers. Or he might have a tan uniform on, a company logo on the back, an oval name patch on the front.

Although Roque didn't have the income she was looking for, his love and attention was worth so much more.

The fact that there is so much difference between the men that she is with says something about the environment that they are in. There were rocks everywhere, and scorpions and tarantulas and rattlesnakes, and vultures and no trees and not much water, and skinny dogs and donkeys, and ugly bad guys with guns and bullet vests who rode laughing into town to drink and shoot off their pistols and rifles, as if it were the Fourth of July, driving their horses all over town like dirt bikes on desert dunes. He was away from all the men. He stared at his official National League ball, reimagining what had happened. He wore nothing flashy or expensive, just ordinary clothes that were clean and ironed, and shoes he kept shined. He tightened his jaw then, slanted his eyes up from his plate at his mom and not the man, definitely not this man he did not care for. After watching his mother in countless disastrous relationships, Eric is finally content and adjusting to the fact that his mom may have finally found the one. Normally he is alone with his mother, except when she has a new boyfriend which she often has. He rubbed the bumpy seams of his home-run ball. Erick saw the ball. A cop, a jet-airplane mechanic, a travel agent, a court reporter? Most importantly to my own rubrics, each line is rich, textured, and justified through the context of the story as a whole.

And they do! The fact that Erick makes the choice that he does tells us that he is growing up. She is a bit on the loose, not only with her pick of men, but also with her work.

Uncle rock

He wore nothing flashy or expensive, just ordinary clothes that were clean and ironed, and shoes he kept shined" Gilb 3. Then the voice offered more, and the hand threw something at him. Wrong in disapproval. Eric's character is so cautious and isolated he barely speaks to his own mother. He signed checks and gave her cash. Eric wanted Albert and his family to believe that they were a complete happy family as well. Roque knew that Erick loved baseball. Roque did know about Fernando Valenzuela, as everyone did, even his mom, which is why she agreed to let Roque take them to a game. When she worked at a trucking company, the owner of all the trucks told her he was getting a divorce. She was talking to Roque, Roque was talking to her.

Because Eric was envious of the relationship Albert had with his family, Eric lied to Albert and said "his new dad was an engineer" Gilb 5.

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The character Eric in 'Uncle Rock' by Dagoberto Gilby