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Chandigarh is an exception in the list of fast cities, as it is bigger than the rest, with a population of more than one million. Ejaz Ghani is lead economist at the World Bank. In the UK and the US, knowledge on urban mobility and congestion stems from surveys of household travel behaviour.

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We used a popular web mapping and transportation service to generate information for more than 22 million trips across large Indian cities Mobility and congestion in urban India by Aman Prottoy Akbar, Victor Couture, Gilles Duranton, Ejaz Ghani and Adam Storeygard,World Bank.

Congested roads can be seen as an example of the tragedy of the commons.

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There are also big differences in mobility across cities in India. However, such surveys are prohibitively expensive to carry out in India. Common spatiotemporal empirical features of traffic congestion are those features, which are qualitatively the same for different highways in different countries measured during years of traffic observations. Are all cities in India congested or just some of them? The implication is that building new roads and widening existing ones only results in additional traffic that continues to rise until peak congestion returns to the previous level. Negative impacts[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. It is slow even outside the peak hours of traffic, and in both large and small cities. Their working traffic models typically use a combination of macro-, micro- and mesoscopic features, and may add matrix entropy effects, by "platooning" groups of vehicles and by randomising the flow patterns within individual segments of the network. Highway Performance and Monitoring System for , and , as well as information on population, employment, geography, transit, and political factors. Instead of the traditional solution of making the "pipe" large enough to accommodate the total demand for peak-hour vehicle travel a supply-side solution , either by widening roadways or increasing "flow pressure" via automated highway systems , Downs advocates greater use of road pricing to reduce congestion a demand-side solution, effectively rationing demand , in turn plowing the revenues generated therefrom into public transportation projects. Due to lack of footpaths in many places, pedestrians are forced to walk on the edge of roads which further increasing traffic issues. The slowest cities in India include the seven largest cities see Table 1. That discovery enabled the team to solve traffic-jam equations that were first theorized in the s. This results in the less usable road.

It can be thought of as an extreme case of aggressive driving. Subscribe to our blog to read answers to trending GD topics.

Your Turn… What is your opinion on this article? Roads in cities are multi-purpose public goods, used by various classes of motorized and non-motorized vehicles to travel and park, as well as a wide variety of other users such as street-sellers, children playing and animals. A factor of nearly two separates the fastest and slowest cities.

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Express your thoughts on this topic through the comment section below. There is almost no distinct morning peak; instead, there is a slow buildup of congestion that often persists until late into the evening.

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