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After attending The Foundation of Infant Loss training day, I appreciate the importance of this within the role. You can write a statement of the same quality, just take your time and think hard about what every skill, quality or experience you mention offers midwifery. Bereavement is a topic that is not often discussed. I literally did not faff about. Correct spelling and grammar is absolutely vital. I also took part in an aspiring midwife day. I read about this topic within journals such as BJM and contacting midwives who are researching it.

Chat with us on Facebook or Twitteror email info gapmedics. I threw in some more buzz-words, I showed that I can have balance in my life, I presented a bit of my personality and that I understand the demands the course will have.

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She tells me she was the kind of child who was obsessed with midwifery and used to go up to Mums in Tesco and ask them all about their babies! Mention your motivation to give the course leaders a sense of who you are and what drives you. Before you start writing, make bullet points of everything you want to include and order them in terms of importance Show passion Show you understand the reality of being a nurse or midwife. As you can see, being concise was essential for me. I also took part in an aspiring midwife day. It should give you some great pointers; passion, common sense and experience really come through here. A woman came in with suspected early labour, I built trust by talking to her, and then she allowed me to observe a vaginal examination. Ask a teacher to read through your neonatal nurse personal statement draft so that they can give you some positive feedback and pointers for improvement. I chose two which I felt I could talk about best, which in this bit was care and compassion. This following paragraph discusses my employment. As a young leader, I enjoyed interacting with the families of the children and those working around me, it demonstrated my social skills and conveyed my friendly and supportive nature to those around me. What is your inspiration to be a nurse in that field or a midwife? The biggest thing that helped start my PS was to look at an excellent example of a real life real personal statement from a real person who had applied to midwifery.

So here goes: Pregnancy is an extraordinary experience; mothers remember their midwife and how that person made them feel.

This is how midwives talk about pregnancy, labour and birth, and after the baby is born. It should give you some great pointers; passion, common sense and experience really come through here.

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Hey, presto! Understanding the importance of a well-written midwifery personal statement All midwifery schools have a minimum eligibility criteria that all applicants are expected to meet with regards to academic grades.

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I work well under pressure and thrive in a team environment. Input from parents and teachers can be helpful, but this is a personal statement - we want to hear your voice and personality. We have lots of examples of UCAS personal statements for midwifery right here, and some help with how to write a midwifery personal statement. So here goes: Pregnancy is an extraordinary experience; mothers remember their midwife and how that person made them feel. Look on your universities page about their midwife course. What matters is what you learnt from the experiences and how they helped you arrive at a clear decision regarding your career path. Our shadowing placements offer a unique insight into the work of doctors, nurses, midwives, and dentists — helping students to focus their career aspirations before embarking upon medical training. A midwife spoke about basic placenta anatomy and its role in pregnancy and after birth- giving further insight of the birthing process. Take your time when writing all 4, characters 47 lines of text , be prepared, and remember to make it as memorable as possible so your university application stands out. I truly know how difficult it is to write a personal statement. This means, barring a few students with outstanding grades, the majority of applicants will have earned grades in the similar range as yours. Skills such as referencing, essay writing and research were vital and I believe this has made me more prepared for the course when it comes to assignments. To top it all off, I wrote a little summary paragraph to leave the admissions tutor with. I shadowed a midwife taking blood pressures and blood with women who had gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Emotional and mental strength. When possible I attended a breastfeeding support class, I did this all whilst working towards my Higher qualifications, demonstrating the ability to work under pressure. Before figuring out what to write in your midwifery personal statement, it is crucial to understand why so much significance is given to this one document.

Write in a clear, strong language that is easy to read and understand.

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The biology within my access course has taught me various systems within the human body as well as independent learning via distance learning.

Actually doing something, such as joining a national society, volunteering or being involved in a charity, shows you have passion and drive Don't ask too many people for advice.

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Midwifery personal statement advice and examples