Thesis on the alamo

One Texan was shot while trying to light the powder store to blow up the Alamo and everyone inside.

thesis statement for the battle of the alamo

There is quite a gap between the various accounts, however But this gap is nothing compared to the one concerning the number of the Mexican forces. The number of deserters had gone into the hundreds.

He had joined the militia earlier and by the winter of he had had some claim to fame and was commisioned as a lieutenant colonel. The behaviour of the Mexicans seems particularly cruel.

Later Crockett was assigned to one of the weakest points of the Alamo, the palisade of the South wall, by Colonel Travis. The Wars of America, vol. It is a typical frontier-story, which means that every single man who came there in those days has his fixed place in Texan history.

Nevin, David. A new army was formed, with Houston at its head.

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Essay on The Battle at the Alamo