The simple gift chapter 6

In the section Hobos like us you get the strong feeling that Old Bill hates being woken early and interfered with, as mentioned as well in previous chapters. Caitlin is also surprised by how different Billy is from other boys.

redemption in the simple gift

The picture shows true kindness of Old Bill and how much of a big deal it is for him to be handing over the key to his old house. How does each character challenge readers assumptions about people? Accepting it.

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Is he stuck within a stage? As mentioned before this chapter also highlights the relationship that is building between Old Bill and Billy.

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It seems to me that the world of young people is becoming increasingly marginalised by mainstream media. What is the book and what happens in it? The nice sky that they overlook symbolizes the beauty in life and relates to a strong and beautiful friendship that will last a lifetime. Are there any similarities?

Billy and Caitlin have strong connection and become very intimate with each other. Surroundings are peaceful and its a time for homeless people to reflect on their lives and fight their sorrows away by drinking, smoking or just staring into the distance. There are a number of factors that could derail their relationship that they must overcome.

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What is the book and what happens in it? He wanted to lose his identity and was afraid to move on. Is Billy proud to be homeless? Explain why. The repetition of the negative quotes in the section emphasises how Billy did not belong in his old environment. The chapter also highlights how Caitlin, similar to Billy, hates private school, and hates the routine that follows when she gets home to her parents. But Billy is mistaken when he chats to Caitlin, which first starts from just smiling to each other to chatting on a daily basis. Did Billy s home life contribute to his negative feelings about school? What is the significance of the author s choice of names for Billy and Old Bill?

Why do you think that the author has chosen someone like Caitlin as another main character?

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The Simple Gift Chapter 6 Essay Example