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Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. It is called the five-factor model because there are five categories that are used to analyze the personality through this theory.

Personality is a very frequently used word but still there is no consensus about its meaning.

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However, even though they are influenced by cultural, social and economic factors they are easy and useful instruments. Factors affecting mental health of nature Nature is the important factor in the development of health problems.

Nurture Debate This debate is mainly about the effect of the genes on human personalities. It is assumed that all aspects of personality can be studied at the conscious or behavioural level.

Basically the behaviouristic position would hold that personality is nothing but the package of consistent and generalized elements in the behaviour of a person across different situations.

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In many instances, the term personality is used in an evaluative sense. All in all, the way that a person is raised and where they are raised will affect their personality. There is an integration and organisation of these various processes which gives a total meaning to the behaviour of a person. Functions of Personality: While the points mentioned above, help us to understand the nature of personality, there is another aspect of the issue yet to be explained. Understanding Nature vs. As mentioned before identical twins have the same genetic makeup, but they typically do not have the same personality. However, the importance of heredity varies from one personality trait to another. Every culture expects and trains its members to behave in the ways that are acceptable to the group. Through natural selection, beginning with life-threatening times, personality has evolved into what it is today. Thus the behavioural approach, either of the non-cognitive variety or of the cognitive variety, has certainly found its applications and achieved popularity. Thus, a young child who returns from school and has his milk moves into the region of play. There is billions of people in the world and everyone has a different and unique personality. Essay 8. In studies, variety is essential in determining how different systems and structures affect personality development. Therefore, in recent years, perceptual activities, learning activities, etc.

These approaches are wholistic and non-reductionistic. These are more or less like the hypotheses postulated by a scientist while carrying out some experiments.

He went on to develop an inventory with a number of questions and asked them to respond to certain statements by stating whether they had those ideas, experiences, feelings, etc.

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Contributions of Nature and Nurture in the Development of Personality Essay