The health risks and selective reduction in the debate about abortion

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Much of these changes are attributed to increased use of ART and changes in plurality of ART births, both due to selection reduction abortions and to changes in numbers of ART-implanted embryos [40]. Foreign women are looking to Norway due to an interpretation of the nation's abortion law by the Justice Ministry's legal department.

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It should be carefully noted that there is actually a broad spectrum of expert views regarding the AMH link. The authors of the study discuss a variety of health factors that could influence this ratio. Burkina Faso, for example, attached the following conditions to its law: voluntary interruption of pregnancy is allowed at all times during pregnancy if two physicians attest that the continuance of the pregnancy endangers the health of the woman or that a strong possibility exists that the unborn child will be afflicted with a condition of exceptional seriousness recognized as incurable at the time of diagnosis.

This undertaking is intended to advance more than just an academic discussion, however.

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It would be far preferable, however, if abortion laws did not create barriers in these cases. Walker, Campero et al.

Selective termination

In triplets where two of the fetuses share a placenta and each has its own amniotic sac, it appears, with less certainty, that there is also a lower risk of preterm birth and no increase in the risk of miscarriage. The most extreme claimed rates of underreporting are necessary to bring this in line with AGI's claim of 13, rape-related abortions per year. It was agreed in that abortion should be decriminalised. Further, these figures carry a high degree of uncertainty, as they imply annual figures for rapes reported plus unreported ranging from , to , over this period, with large year-to-year variability. If the AGI figure for is correct, it would imply that 15, abortions in were for such cases. At the same time, the field of ART matured, and massively multiple pregnancies became more rare. This figure appears to be derived from the survey percentage or from preliminary results of the survey.

Still, broadly speaking, it is evident that both expert reviews and the authors of individual studies appear to generally support either the view that a the mental health effects associated with abortion are minimal and within the expected range for the women seeking abortions 4 — 10 or b the effects are significant enough to justify more research dollars, and better screening and counseling in order to reduce the number of adverse outcomes.

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Selective reduction