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Civil disobedience is not something for us to fear. The motion seeks not to whip the South or hurt its people. Your browser does not support the audio element. Lagt inn av. His day in the sun would come four years later. Tolson spent a lot of time training his debaters in the tactics and strategy of arguments. Farmer were more than college colleagues; they were friends as well. Making his second goodwill tour, Tolson and his team of Farmer, Jarrett, and Heights scheduled a sojourn through the Southwest. Most vividly of all, I remember the expression on my dad's face.

Seventeen-year-old actor Denzel Whitaker portrays Farmer Jr. Sometimes our coach will put a debater on the platform during practice and cross-examine him for an hour.

Farmer thus became one of the most prominent African-American leaders of the era, joining the ranks of figures like Dr. James Farmer, Jr: Resolved: Civil disobedience is a moral weapon in the fight for justice.

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Second Harvard Debater: My opponent is right about one thing: Thoreau was a Harvard grad; and, like many of us, a bit self-righteous. Farmer will argue the first affirmative. Most of Tolson's poetry was published in Atlantic Monthly magazine. Civil disobedience is not something for us to fear. My father is one of those men that [sic] stands between us and chaos: a police officer. Farmer had been suffering greatly from diabetes during his later years. Somehow he managed to schedule a series of non-decision debates with law students of the University of Michigan, an all-white institution. Can't find what you're looking for? His playwriting and poetic prowess caught the attention of men like poet Langston Hughes and literary critic and magazine editor V.

Baker recounted the circumstances of that decision in a history of the organization in The Forensic: "One mystery grew out of the convention [of ] which has never been explained. Leonard Farmer, had been a Bible professor on the faculty since I got the feeling that Mr.

It was with the national champions, the Southern California Trojans, and it is the circumstances surrounding this debate that form the basis for The Great Debaters. Its vision is a nation in which people live in stably integrated communities, where political and civic power is shared by people of different races and ethnicities.

The great debaters how james farmer

He knew Tolson by reputation, certainly, and personally because Tolson and Dr. And who were we to just lie there and do nothing? Perhaps this Ex Curia method was the best way to settle this troublesome question. Farmer's son—so fight back, my boy, fight back. Here was a slaughter immeasurably greater than what happened at Amritsar. Some of them, at least one, will try to make hamburger out of you—a young upstart and Dr. But there is a mulatto in the car. Farmer, a freshman at the time, was an alternate and observer. The night before the debate Tolson would not let his team leave the dorm rooms where they were housed, according the Farmer. One in particular was the relationship between the debater James L. No matter what he did, the mob was the criminal. The People decide the moral issues of the day, not "a majority of one. The word tactics was always coming up.

You see, Gandhi draws his inspiration not from a Hindu scripture, but from Henry David Thoreauwho, I believe, graduated from Harvard and lived by a pond not too far from here. Was he a thief? My teammates and I saw a man strung up by his neck -- and set on fire.

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The night is friendly, protecting.

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