The flamingo rising

I found myself ver I was very fortunate to grow up in the s and live close to a drive in theater. With people and circumstances just that side of ordinary, this pitch-perfect first novel is reminiscent of the best of John Irving.

The characters are all interesting and there is both humor and human drama. Eccentric parents, two adopted children and an extended family of usual workers and helpers live in and manage the theater.

We always went as a family to see two movies and play in the playground and stay up late.

the flamingo rising plot

This is a very quick read, never slow and I enjoyed the character development that the author takes the time to do. Like the giant July 4th fireworks display toward which the story builds, this engaging, moving novel sends up one sparkler after another on its way to a crash-bang, heart-stopping ending.

I found Baker's Flamingo Rising on the bookshelf of a cruise ship and it looked like a quirky story. Across the road and in the shad Published inthis book was given to me by a friend. Inthe Flamingo is featured in Life as the world's largest drive-in theater: a foot-high Florida oceanside tower serves as the theater screen.

The flamingo rising

A funeral-home owner shoots daily at the neon cowboy marquee of the neighboring drive-in theater. Very good read. Jan 19, Kathy rated it liked it Published inthis book was given to me by a friend.

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The Flamingo Rising by Larry Baker