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The main reason of it is the growth rate of the industry is high and as shown in the annual report, Sunway City Berhad is also experimenting a high growth in property development. Our learning team chose to evaluate the sample business plan found at www. Thus, we suggest that Sunway City shall have differentiation in their development segment, which are built the medical centre in their development project. Rising interest rates and an economic slowdown would be negative for its property business. However, some people point out that because of the simplicity of either conducting the analysis or the analysis itself, the results of the SWOT analysis may not be as accurate as people think. Besides, S P Setia is an award-winning public listed company and a market leader in property development. The building material division contains concrete, clay pipe, concrete pipes and also piles which is the main materials which need to be used in property development. To find out whether their action are aligned with the organization's objectives. Sunway Nexis is another integrated commercial development consists of 3-storey retail shops, storey office suites and a storey flexi office block in 5. In order to become a top property development company, the access to the distribution is very importance to minimize the cost. As what we state, Sunway City having a very good reputation in the development industry, thus Sunway City has the leverage to perform the strategic alliances. Words: - Pages: 3 Swot Analysis

A 5D theatre will introduced at the Amusement Park at Sunway Lagoon which brings the senses of touch and smell.

This will attract many tourists since that it was the first 5D theatre in Malaysia.

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The barriers to entry prevent the threat of new entrants. For healthcare, it involved in the management and operation of a medical centre. The organization policies are broad guidelines for action and its strategies determine the best way to use the resources at hand. You are on page 1of 26 Search inside document 1. The mission, values, and outcomes of Walden University align perfectly with dreams of becoming the Vice President of Student Affairs. Sunway Group Berhad has become one of the formidable property-construction groups in Malaysia. Most of the consumers expect their houses to be safe, modern and with technological infrastructure.

They considered this as a responsible for corporate citizen, they execute on green concept to not only save the environment but also because of the customer request for it.

Furthermore, SWOT Analysis will be conducted to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company so that the company can have a better understanding about their companys strengths and weaknesses, and make improvement for the weak parts.

SunCityhave the vision of being a company who more focus on the quality of the real estate development and invest in the properties with attractive yield which can bring excellent returns to the shareholders of company.

For Sunway City, building green homes is not part of the marketing strategy.

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One of threats facing by the Sunway City is the most common happen to all the organisations, which are challenge from the competitors.

In many industries, firms are in close competition with producers of substitute products in other industries.

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List the strengths all companies need to compete successfully in this market. This trend may drive the company sales to higher level. Its core businesses include: civil engineering and construction; building materials; trading and manufacturing; quarrying; information technology; property development and investment; leisure, entertainment and hospitality; healthcare; and education.

Threat of substitute products Substitutes mean products in other industry. Besides, the Sunway City establishes itself to become a global and leading integrated property player. Words: - Pages: 12 Swot Analysis

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Swot Analysis of Sunway