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It will first define the key terms as: social policy, pluralism, welfare; and describe the role of the social policy, pluralism, but also to make connection between this terms and their ideology. As we can see, in spite of the fact that smoking is not considered illegal, the social policy has taken measures so as to protect the citizens from the health hazards of this phenomenon as best as possible.

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Important areas of social policy are wellbeing and welfare, unemployment insurance, pensions, the NHS, social housing, family policy, social care, child protection, crime and criminal justice and labour issues. Submitted on Assignment title Learning Outcome Learning outcome Assessment criteria LO1 Understand the significant historical and contemporary landmarks in social welfare provision 1.

Students' work, by contrast, cannot legitimately be marked on its political position, because that would simply be a recipe for bias. Each culture has great internal consistency They contrast in ways, which they are based upon.

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In other words, each social policy does not directly impact each individual in society, but overall social policies impact the entire society in some form or another At LSE, social policy is explicitly international, interdisciplinary and applied.

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Social Policy: Theory and Practice