Renault dacia case study

Focused strategy. Dacia management opted for a strategy based on undifferentiated markets, sustained effort on the part of the massive image change that requires special attention from consumers and on the other hand, the low cost car segment positioning. The main criteria for evaluation of suppliers are: delivered product quality, strict adherence to the terms and conditions of delivery and reduced costs.

Logan meets European security standards.

dacia renault

Logan was a decisive step of the "design to cost" program, introduced by Renault in Once this was launched Dacia could run in its industrial commercial tool and define its new identity with vehicles like Solenza, the Diesel engine on the van, etc.

Logan will be marketed at the end of in almost 40 countries. Logan meets European security standards.

Renault dacia case study

Concern for the environment has become a necessity. People At Pitesti, Renault is working with local players to combat unemployment. As the intrinsic elements, it could be easily determined because of their tangibility. Basically they resorted to creating a new product Sandero addressed to a young existing market with middle-income, pragmatic and entrepreneurs who want a reliable car, robust to poor infrastructure but also contain elements of attractiveness in terms of space and design. At Pitesti, Renault is working with local players to combat unemployment. Customers and clients of the Logan in are today, forming what we call customer set. Thus, the target segment of customers is given by rational, pragmatic and young people for whom price is the main criteria for purchasing a car. Strategies of the marketing mix strategies Product Strategies a Quality Strategy is the most important strategy in the approach used to create product quality relationship built on efficiency.

Close ties have existed between Renault and Automobile Dacia for 35 years, with various Renault models being assembled by Dacia, under licence through tothereafter independently. This strategy conveys the idea of implementing a strategy to focus on a few consumer segments, adapting to the requirements of their needs and preferences.

The objective is to develop employment in the region by promoting business creation, capital investment and vocational training.

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Renault's Logan: A Genius Idea of a World Car