Reflection paper on st patrick

With all blessings God deserves our thanks.

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He spent eight years as a captive in this pagan land. We can see its majestic summit from a distance. Patrick's Day words - 5 pages the American version of St.

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Eternal voices: Christ, Peter, Patrick. His experience of Irish language and culture during his years as a slave enabled Patrick to communicate the Christian gospel with unusual effectiveness.

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Today, the tragedies of devastation in Syria and elsewhere are brought home to us in Europe by the current historic wave of large-scale migration of refugees and others into Europe. The homeless, destitute and fleeing victims of war deserve our fullest respect and support, not our contempt or worse, plunder, material or corporal. Patrick speaks of taking a mighty blow that day and of not being sure he would recover. This was astute or foolish. Yet it was not in this time of luxury that God chose to speak to him, but rather in his time of lacking and emptiness. The voice of Paul also reminds us of the need of honesty and transparency for all involved in teaching the Christian message. Born into a wealthy English family most likely in Wales , Patrick was kidnapped at the young age of sixteen. And so I suggest, in this daunting early 21st century, this is the best way to honour the memory and sanctity of Saint Patrick. He became one of the greatest missionaries and protector of the Christian faith. I arise today Through the strength of Christ's birth with his baptism, Through the strength of his crucifixion with his burial, Through the strength of his resurrection with his ascension, Through the strength of his descent for the judgment of Doom. Patrick gets relatively little attention on his day, so I thought I might offer a few thoughts in his honor, including a prayer that is attributed to him.

They were pagans and practiced traditions that sometimes included human sacrifice. Perhaps he was just not on their radar for serious consideration. There he was sold off as a slave.

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It may be a great or a simple one but we are all called by God to fulfill certain tasks. And we tend to favor those saints whose struggles and challenges seem to have much in common with our own.

Reflection paper on st patrick

Francis DeSales was a man of great virtue and understood the concept of work as a task which is fundamental to our nature as human beings. Yet it was not in this time of luxury that God chose to speak to him, but rather in his time of lacking and emptiness. A Little Book of St. But as we begin to climb, the summit vanishes and all we can see is the intervening slope. Eternal voices: Christ, Peter, Patrick. Others try on spiritualities like new clothes, and abandon them when they become tired of them. Interns and residents in the university's internal medicine program most often identified sleep deprivation, frequent shifts lasting longer than 24 hours and an overall lack of leisure time as their major stressors. Anthony F. He clearly knew something of the Irish, anyway.
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St. Patrick’s Day Reflection