Radiologic technology essays

Modern sonography has also very wide diagnostic application, starting form obstetrics and ending with vascular medicine.

why i chose radiology essay

This was also something I never really thought about a technologist doing. I always enjoy any form of collaboration with other people on solving one or another problem, because it brings me more opportunities to socialize and to learn new things.

If it is not through Radiologic technicians nurses, doctors, dentist and surgeons will be paralyzed in the sense that they cannot know the in depth condition of the patient unless with the help of the Radiologic technicians.

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I have made the decision to not work while enrolled in this program to ensure all my energy and attentiveness is solely focused on this program. A Personal Statement On Radiologic Technologist Essay - Radiologic Technologist Bright, flashing red and white lights and sirens racing down the road has been my entire life the past few years.

A place filled with pressure, intensity, high hopes, and stress.

Why choose radiologic technology essay

The very essence and thought that people rely on you for your help and for the effectivity of the interventions and treatments the health care team will be rendering are worth it. That reasoning is very invalid. After taking these pictures I followed the technologist into the darkroom where I was able to see the film being loaded for development. Doctors also uses X rays to locate bullets and other foreign objects within the body; to guide them in setting broken bones; and to detect cancer, ulcers, kidney stones and other abnormalities. Pages: 3 Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. Radiology and Healthcare Essay words - 6 pages movement of the industry. It was beautiful. Radiology Technologist needs to understand computers and what the x-rays show, and how to set up a patient for and x-ray to be taken Radiologic technologists will be expected to become familiar with computed tomography, magnetic renascence imaging, and mammography to satisfy the requirements of specific diagnostic imaging equipment; and to produce quality images which are required to diagnose and treat patients. Emergency Medical Technician E. Excelsior College, n. There to help control the environment is a surgical technologist. During my time as a radiologic technologist, I plan to use my certificate to apply for a Bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Imaging and Therapy to further my education and to obtain more skills and information. The radiologic technology also interacts and find out the different causes of diseases.

The level of comfort was somewhat questionable, but it turned out that I had no problem dealing with this situation. However, I started college and started my prerequisites towards a nursing degree and I realized nursing might not be the best health care career for me In addition to everything above, I am considering becoming a member of the team which works on detecting and treating different types of cancer.

why i became a radiologic technologist

The techs remove jewelry and explain procedures, as well as position the patient to be appropriately radiographed. The reasons stated above are my primary motivation to study radiologic technology.

Radiologic technology essays

Would you like to know what radiologic technologist do besides taking simple pictures. That is, the technician should consider the totality of the being of the client. That is why Radiologic technicians should competent, in skill and in theories. That reasoning is very invalid. Maybe stating that there is no "one" reason, but a combination of these reasons which draw you to the field. He left happy knowing soon the doctor would be seeing his x-rays. There are also many other benefits such as payments and the fulfillment that comes with pursuing my passion. By studying every night up to three hours, having determination, self-discipline, being detailed oriented, and organized, I successfully pass challenging courses with both A's and B's and raise my GPA every semester. However, I started college and started my prerequisites towards a nursing degree and I realized nursing might not be the best health care career for me Health Care Admin.

Then we have the Mammography equipment. Between the years andthe employment rates are expected to grow by twenty-one percent due to the increase in the aging populations.

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To be able to know what interventions, what treatments or what surgery can be done. Sadly, this means that the more taxes will be taken out of your check. Radiologic Technology is caring; it is an art, a science, client centered, holistic, adaptive, and concerned with health promotion, health maintenance, and health restoration and most of all it is a helping profession. For a social person like me, this career path is a good one for me given that I am passionate about helping people and interacting with them while at it. Medical Records Technician F. There are opportunities for advancements to administrative and supervisory positions such as chief technologist or technical administrator. The next two patients observed were also receiving barium treatments. In this very sense, Radiologic Technologists are of great importance. Being proficient not only in the books, but also with ones hands is a must. Sometimes, the radiologic technologist injects a dye to help color the image and pinpoint Similar Essays Missing Image Essay words - 4 pages to the department where another technologist indicates they accidently gave you the wrong patient room number. I think that I am highly motivated and challenged to succeed in my chosen future occupation: medicine. This is why these amazing pictures are to this day known as X-rays. She was extremely upset, as were her mother and father, who I think may have been crying a little too. There are multiple uses of Radiology.

The last name with an appropriate title should be used, along with a pleasant greetingExamples of inside customers include:Co-workers and other departmentsWhat I Want to Become a Radiologic Technician words - 5 pages Associations for Radiologic Technicians.

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Why I Want to Become a Radiologic Technologist Essay