Protecting the endangered species

Herbicides and pesticides may keep yards looking nice but they are in fact hazardous pollutants that affect wildlife at many levels. Harassing wildlife is cruel and illegal. For more information about endangered species, visit endangered. Let's not even get started on the microorganisms living in your gut, many of which are beneficial.

Teach your friends and family about the wonderful wildlife, birds, fish and plants that live near you.

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Marine Turtles Nearly all species of marine turtle are classified as endangered. Species go extinct all the time anyway.

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Threats to biodiversity and the primary causes of species extinction include degradation and fragmentation of natural environments, illegal extraction, urban expansion, road network expansion, forest fires, creation of lakes for hydroelectric power generation and mining. All types of wildlife are declining—in many cases dramatically. Research shows that the rising consumption of animal-based proteins is one of the biggest drivers of the destruction of terrestrial ecosystems and the loss of species. Legal battles have been fought over this. Well, you can't, but that doesn't stop us deciding what it's worth. To do the same thing with nature, we just need a system that allows us to pay to experience it. It's not "nature for itself", because it's explicitly about helping people.

A proposal to list a species can arise from a petition submitted by the public or state agencies. Recycle your cell phones, because a mineral used in cell phones and other electronics is mined in gorilla habitat. But it does mean ensuring that ecosystems are as rich and diverse as possible.

The bonus to eating less meat?

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Protecting Species