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Worse still, maybe you sacrificed your free time with friends and family to be able to write your dissertation paper. This allows you to know the status and progress while your request is being fulfilled. It is vital that the words you add enhance the academic quality of the thesis, rather than simply fill the space.

The reader has a lot of information to take in, and is unlikely to read the whole document in one go. So many promises often gestate doubt, but this company is different. This second example introduces the question of whether it is acceptable to use the voice of the researcher in the first person i.

Here are five suggestions to feed into a proof reading strategy. The following tips can help you edit your research work to perfection; Give yourself time before you start the editing process: You should not edit your dissertation immediately after the completion of the writing process.

Make your proof reading relevant to your own writing. You should prepare yourself well or even hire experts if you feel that you do not have the best reviewing skills. She explained everything step by step and made it easy to understand.

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Creating and inserting appropriate links is a useful test of the logical structure of your writing.

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