Organization culture in multinational companies management essay

New York: McGraw-Hill. Multinationals utilize employee selection process to recruit applicants who are appropriate for their organizational culture. Managing Cultural Diversity in the Work Place. The phenomenon of cultural diversity is strongly associated with certain advantages; although one is to keep in mind that the challenges the issue brings about do not always cause positive effects in relation to organizational performance.

Fourthly, it will present how leadership is related to i organizational culture and national culture. Since the way things are done in, a society has been attributed to culture, then eating, dressing, exchanging greetings, treatment of others, children instilling of information and discipline and the manner in which problems are solved all fall under culture.

Namely, perhaps employees from diverse national cultures are able to adjust to the organizational culture, still, the national cultures of their own may also be persistent in their daily life and business practice.

Generally, the advantages and challenges of the phenomenon depend upon both — divergent and convergent processes.

organizational culture
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Organizational Culture Essay