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Bonus: The kids will likely entertain each other, too, to some degree, so the day may not be a total wash. Frozen Paint!! Get them started on a living room city project. It may just be a dusting. You can see some pictures here. To hear them tell it, they were successful 9 times out of 10 times last year using tried and true methods to make the snow fall. Read a Book from your library. Grab a few buckets of snow and put it in the bathtub.

Masking Tape City Have kids who love cars? This will make these toys or art projects novel enough that the kids may stay interested, at least until your conference call is done. Add the rest. Or you can check out how we used gelatin to make a feeder. Say Your Prayers.

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I kid, I kid. Be Stocked Up on Food Okay, you saw the forecast. On the plus side, you might get to make a snowman and drink hot chocolate, and those are pretty awesome, too. School is delayed or closed.

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Any organization needs to figure out how to maintain operations in less-than-optimal conditions.

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Snow Day (film)