Music should always be free and available to the public

But once you've been asked to play it a couple of thousand times, its begins to chafe. Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally Mustang Sally is about a woman who thoroughly enjoys driving her new car, but refuses to allow the gentleman who bought her said motor vehicle to join her.

Men in fresh white t-shirts with cropped hair will attempt to headbang. In clubs and pubs up all over, limbered-up lads and randy old dears alike want to get lucky, and they will be heard.

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music should be free pros and cons

You can use Google to search for Creative Commons content, look for pictures at Flickralbums at Jamendoand general media at spinxpress. Little victories, eh? Remember this and you'll go far. Searching for open content is an important function enabled by our approach.

Interesting position.

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> We believe that listening to music should always be free and available to ever