Literature review on brand awareness

This will provide the researcher with the knowledge on what lines the study should proceed and serves to narrow the problem. However, many factors can be attributed to the value of the brand for example awareness, recall and recognition. Blumenthal, D.

literature review on brand loyalty

Hankinson and Cowkingindicates in order to achieve the brand acceptance, the relationship between the customer and brand — perception of customer to brand is needed. It may be extremely difficult to dislodge a brand that had achieved a dominant awareness level.

Social Image Lassar limit the reference of the image dimension to the social dimension, calling it social image as social image contributes more to brand equity.

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Blumenthal, D. Also define trustworthiness as the confidence a consumer places in the firm and the firms communications and as to whether the firms actions would be in the consumers interest. Perceived quality Perceived quality is the customers judgment about a products overall excellence or superiority that is different from objective quality Zeithaml Olson, 12, Consumer behavior, Vol: 5,Pp. An iPod is the first thing that pops into our minds when we think of purchasing an mp3 player. Aaker D. According to Aaker , for new or niche brands, recognition can be important. Leuthesser , Defining, measuring and managing brand equity: A conference summary.

Thus, a brand should be able to become the respondents first choices cognitive loyalty and is therefore purchased repeatedly behavioural loyalty.

Aaker D. Lassar, W. While evaluating a brand, consumers link the performance of the functional attributes to the brand Pitta and Katsanis Behavioural loyalty is linked to consumer behaviour in the marketplace that can be indicated by number of repeated purchases or commitment to rebuy the brand as a primary choice.

Kotler, Philip and Keller Kevin L. Marketers can create awareness among their target audience through repetitive advertising and publicity. According to Aakerfor new or niche brands, recognition can be important. Gremler, D.

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Chen A. De Chernatony, L. Brand Loyalty Loyalty is a core dimension of brand equity. Hoyer and Steven P. Pitta, D. Thus the distinction between awareness and recognition is a subtle one,former denting a state of knowledge possessed by the consumer and the latter a cognitive process resulting from awareness. Example of this is coca-cola which is more publicized than the key product. In their research ,Brand awareness is defined as a rudimentary level of brand knowledge involving,at the least, recognition of a brand name. Nigel F. Olson, 12, Consumer behavior, Vol: 5,Pp. According to Aaker , for new or niche brands, recognition can be important.
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