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Given here that the NHS is such a huge public organisation, it is extremely unlikely that the persons who can benefit will be numerically negligible. On the other hand, in this case, the door is not attempting to benefit persons with whom he is personally connected. It is possible that this might be regarded as a trust for the relief of poverty, in that it is for those in inner city schools.

The third consideration that must be made is that a trust will not be regarded as charitable, if the potential class of persons likely to benefit are united by a common personal bond.

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The testator must make his intentions clear when creating his trust; he must make it clear which property is subject to the trust; and finally he must identify the beneficiary of the trust. Charities Trusts Organisation Essay Charities Trusts Law Essay Law Essay Question 1: The Charities Bill will have no significant effect on the meaning and ambit of the "definition" of charitable trusts - all charitable trusts are nothing more than concessions to human sentiment anyway'.

Where a benefit is to a section of the public, the benefit must not be unreasonably restricted by geographical or other restrictions or fees c.

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