Korean idol obsession

On the other hand, liposuction, breast augmentation and facelift, which are the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Western countries, are not so popular in Korea. That same year, the South Korean government's Korea Creative Content Agency reportedly founded a support center for celebrities to offer counseling services "to relieve [celebrities] of any psychological stress.

I also want to get the front of my eye elongated so that my eyes appear larger. But a chance encounter with a fan-taken video of a popular idol made her fall in love with him. She mentioned that she lived this life for about a year and a half, even taking a break from school just to focus on stalking.

why are kpop fans so delusional

This is obsession in its extreme form. Tactics[ edit ] Sasaengs have developed various methods for obtaining information about idols, and have formed a sasaeng network to share information and form groups to accomplish tasks.

Many K-pop fans find themselves enchanted by the catchy music and captivating looks of these K-pop idols.

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KPop: Admiration to Obsession