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Be sure to answer all parts of the question Change, continuities, political, economic, etc. However, they maintained rule by native leaders and continued the slave trade. The innovations and advancements in ship building and firepower allowed the Europeans to overwhelm East African and Asian ships and trading ports. Repeat at least once more — two would be best. There are changes in commerce in the Indian ocean between and C. Changes and continuities in Indian Ocean commerce were technology, society and politics. Take 5 minutes and write your thesis statement for this prompt. The result was a syncretic faith, Chan Buddhism. Another change was how things were traded. Also sending great explorers like Zheng He showed their ability to travel to distant lands and take what they please. Example: One change that occurred in interactions was social structures of the Americas. The reason for this change was because as Europeans settled in the Americas new classes emerged as a result of interactions between Europeans, Africans, and Amerindians.

Analyzed — what changed and why. The ships them selves also changed throughout this period. One change in commerce over the years was who dominated Trade in The Indian Ocean.

indian ocean trade 600 ce to 1450 ce

What remained the same? There are changes in commerce in the Indian.

analyze the changes and continuities in the indian ocean region from 650 to 1750

InConstantinople fell to the Turks. Intrade routes were mostly between Europe and North Africa, and they expanded southward and westward until bythey also encompassed sub-Saharan Africa, West Africa, and the Indian Ocean.

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Related Papers. Also, as the span of trade increased rules and regulations became necessary but paradoxically negative as lawlessness broke out. We know this. If you try to do too much your paper will have no focus I will use — Major world power controlling the Ocean change Cotton and spice as exports continuity Technoloy change 12 Paragraph 2 — Beginning of the time period Start off by painting a picture- what does the world of Indian Ocean commerce in CE like? From the time Istanbul became a city, the Ottomans and the Arab World were fully in control of trade and commerce on the Indian Ocean. Provides links with relevant ideas, events, and trends in an innovative way. Show interactions among regions! This provides nothing specific whatsoever The writer did not mention who is taking control 17 Bad middle claim The Indian Ocean trading network changed because the Mughals in India came into power and stayed in power until the British took over in the 17th century. An example of this would be evidence needs to be specific of the AP Theme. What differences did those changes make? The reason for this continuity is because as empires continued to trade technologies would be exchanged and improved upon. In conclusion, the essay must connect to the big picture the global context. Bad theses: Between and , commerce in the Indian Ocean experienced many changes and continuities. Addresses all issues of the question as relevant : global context, chronology, causation, change, continuity, effects, content. Or Though the Ming Chinese had the technology to control Asian sea trade, they chose instead to continue to make profits by allowing others to carry the goods to and from their ports.

Over the course of this time period the Indian ocean trade was dominated by the Indians, the Chinese the Arabs and even the istant European powers. You could analyze this by writing.

european trade in the indian ocean 1750

For …show more content… there have been many changes in commerce. What stayed the same from the information you provided in the last paragraph? Hire Writer The Europeans were looking for a sea rout to get to Asia without going all the way around Africa, so they tried to go around the world, not knowing yet of the Americas existence.

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