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The process by which tobacco was made could be done by one person. Beckles H. Though life went on, the psychological effects of sexual exploitation were ever-present. This led to a change in the system of governing in the West Indies. Plantation owners took advantage of this lack of concern by European nations and devised their own laws to their personal benefit. Inadvertently, the price of West Indian tobacco fell but there soon became a high demand for sugar in Europe Dookhan, What evidence is there to show that Spanish Town was the capital of Jamaica in the 16 th century? Slaves also resisted the system of slavery through the formation of a distinctive culture and through their religious beliefs, which kept hope alive in the face of such severe persecution.

As demands for tobacco increased, Virginia got advantage of both size and quality and was able to easily meet high demands.

Today, however, daily investments are made by individuals through the Internet as online trading continues to remain one of society's most popular ventures. The wealth which was gained from sugar stimulated avarice from European countries who sought to take control of the colonies.

Britannica, Microsoft Encarta; online resources e. The numbering of each footnote or endnote must match the superscripted Arabic number it refers to within the body. Refer to Fig 6.

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This kind of victimization bred feelings of fear and distrust for some, and resentment and the courage to fight back for others. Narrow your topic The topic must have limitations that include a time period and a geographical area.

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Sambucharan, M. Slave women were unable to reject these unsolicited sexual relationships without the threat of punitive consequences which made these relationships exploitive in nature. Resistance of slaves was a great part of Caribbean history which is currently still the most debated topic.

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For those enslaved women who came face to face with the trauma of sexual exploitation, life could not stop. Depicting Triangular trade 18 P a g e Bibliography 1.

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It is compulsory to cite your sources, that is, to provide the author or title information for the source used for the following reasons: To prevent plagiarism, this means the kidnapping or stealing of someone else s ideas and presenting them as your own 6. They came for the sole purpose of making money which they sent back to England, France or Spain or wherever they called home. As a slave her wishes did not matter, it simply made it impossible for women to hold on to their virtue. Table depicting sugar production in the Caribbean Sugar Production in the Caribbean Territory Output average tons British 41, 80, French 64, 77, Dutch 10, Spanish 10, Danish Beckles and Shepherd, Fig 2. In many of the territories multiple revolts occurred. In , the government introduced the first nursing home industry through the Hill-Burton Act, and there were also SBA loans that were made available for private stand-alone nursing homes Rinc Del Rio, n. They realized they could never follow the aspirations of their heart.

Practical Research: Planning and design, Rael, Peter.

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