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Almost 2 billion people have no access to domestic electricity. We need to act fast to save this species and avoid the fate of the baiji, the first river dolphin species driven to extinction by humans. As such, do not cut trees, instead, plan to plant more trees. The pressures of urban areas on the Earth system have been considerably reduced. Climate change; you and I can stop it! The meeting identified peace, non-violence, democracy, social justice and global equity as the defining values of societies. To begin with, forests play the role of absorbing CO2 in the environment and emitting oxygen. Vertical Farming A vertical farm, 20 stories high and the size of a city block, would have the capacity to grow enough organic vegetables to supply a whole town. The Future of Food The future of food is 3D printed and vertically grown. The greenhouse effect causes the planet to warm, increasing the climate of the Arctic region and causing the glaciers to melt. Rivers of ice gave the mountain a sparkling look. The cities and towns of have creative, vibrant and diversified economies that contribute to the well-being of all of the population.

This in turn pollutes the planet and catalyzes global warming. We are seeing tiger populations recover in areas where this is happening, which gives us great hope of protecting these incredible creatures for the future.

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Increased industrialization will take a toll on the earth's environment and cause heavy air pollution. The biggest cause of air pollution today is vehicle exhaust, through the burning of fossil fuels. If we are truly to live within the sustainable bounds of our extraordinary planet and leave the space for nature that it so desperately needs, we have to step back and be more considerate about the way we treat our world. Some of the causes of climate change are the natural world which we have no control and the human-specific impacts, which we can prevent. Nearly one quarter of recognised marine fisheries are overexploited. How will food be different in the future? Over the next several decades, sea level will probably rise 10 to 20 centimeters 4 to 8 inches. Transparency, accountability, openness, inclusiveness and participation are the defining characteristics of governance processes so that policies are effective and coherent across levels and sectors. However, this is something that can be prevented or reduced. Rivers of ice gave the mountain a sparkling look. The oceans have received far more recognition in global environment governance and the acidification trend of the 20th and early 21st centuries has been reversed. According to The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC , the effects of climate change are extreme weathers such as increased drought, and increased incidence of extreme high sea level. In , everyone participates fully in society and has equal opportunities. While people often talk about massive changes since the start of the industrial revolution in , the pace of change in the last 50 years, the last two generations, is truly unprecedented. This dramatic difference is a warning of things to come and one I was determined to record.

There is no single solution, though — there are only many small ones. There are small examples of the kinds of transition that are needed to achieve the vision already being implemented.

It predicts more extreme droughts, floods and storms and significant changes in the functioning of critical ecological systems such as coral reefs and forests.

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Our very futures are intertwined for ever. Global warming is a significant risk to society. And the inundation of low-lying islands and coastal areas could lead to the displacement of hundreds of millions of people.

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In , the dignity of people and integrity of nature underpin decision-making at all levels. Warmer and wetter conditions would increase the spread of infectious diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Their vision for is truly ambitious and sets a goal that should provide a focus for discussion by society. Our rivers and streams are the blue arteries of our world. The main cause for the rapid warming of the Earth is industrial pollution. There are simple choices that each one of us can make, like installing energy-saving light bulbs in our homes. The scale of what we see in this image is truly unfathomable. In fact, not knowing is one of the problems. We need to put more value on our natural assets and stop destroying our precious planet. In , the nine billion people living on Earth have found a way to manage the planetary system effectively. This celebration of creativity in all its diverse forms became a tool in the intercultural communication. And the inundation of low-lying islands and coastal areas could lead to the displacement of hundreds of millions of people. In addition, the effects of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have caused the depletion of the polar ice caps. People depend on the natural world, but integrated solutions that acknowledge the innate coupling between people and the environment have been rare.

Our rivers and streams are the blue arteries of our world. In the last years, we have exhausted 40 percent of the known oil reserves, which took several hundred million years to generate.

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People respond effectively to social and environmental hazards and societies care and provide for the most vulnerable amongst them. Unfortunately, one of the worst effects of climate change is the disappearance and glacier retreat, causing a sea level rise. The governance pathway involved recognising and empowering people as citizens and strengthening cosmopolitanism. The biggest cause of air pollution today is vehicle exhaust, through the burning of fossil fuels. Revolutionary transformations of our energy system — from fossil-fuelled to carbon-neutral — have taken place, in parallel with aggressive improvements in energy efficiency. At the same time, air pollution in cities has fallen although there are still hotspots of poor air quality. The pathways to the vision are equally ambitious and demonstrate the kinds of deep structural change that will be necessary. Within their dimensions you could build a 3, sq ft home. Now, nearly half of the land surface has been transformed by direct human action. This protects them from predators in the wild, but enables criminals to transport them with ease, just like footballs. Global warming is a significant risk to society. Our very futures are intertwined for ever.

On the one hand, we do not know exactly what will happen. What do you think the future of our planet will be?

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