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Extend Fertility offers services to anyone looking to expand their fertility options, whether that be through planned egg freezing or infertility treatments. PCOS can lead to complications during pregnancy, increased chances of miscarriage, infertility and high levels of estrogen, which can cause cancer of the uterine lining.

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Furthermore, she generates capital by having a network of friends and family. Moreover, since many women start wanting to have children when they reach above 35 of age, there is opportunity to conduct eggs freezing business. The meeting between Jones and Behr is extraordinary since each has particular interest and expertise that the combination of the two will create a big business. Barry Behr, an expert in oocyte cryopreservation. Contact Extend Fertility No woman should have to choose between family and her career. Extend Fertility is a leading fertility services company disrupting the way fertility treatment has traditionally been provided. The online search finally brings Jones to Stanford University to meet with Dr. As a young professional, I dedicated my work to addressing inequalities.

Extend Fertility is officially open for business! What was the funding process like?

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Want to get started? But other doctors have resisted the movement.

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Some are spending on splashy advertising and a deliberate strategy of reaching out to young women who are not yet trying to conceive. This situation highlights that the company gain improved brands in the fertility treatment business.

In addition, another method to increase fertility of women above 35 of age is still growing, suggesting that in the future, Extend Fertility will faces fierce challenges from competitors.

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Investors see big money in infertility. And they're transforming the industry