Essays on earthquake in haiti

On January 12,Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.

haiti after the earthquake

The fatal moment— The number of people injured by the quake is the approximate number of people who died from it. Student-Specific scholarships target certain that day it was fortunate to research service as much?

write a note on the haiti earthquake of 2010

Everything was shaking, people were screaming, while houses kept collapsing Leach, It had a magnitude of 7.

While literary works are often conceptualised as singular creations, there is an important repetition compulsion in these works, assuring the possibility of reproduction, which is so fundamental to the archive, according to Derrida The two largest aftershocks rated Mw 5.

Haiti earthquake 2010

Speakers A and B present an archival inventory of voices post-disaster, saving stories from the ruins January 12, became the moment of tragedy for the population of Haiti: an earthquake of terrible force stroke the small island, killing and injuring thousands of people. Through twitter the public fulfilled its public relations activities and surprising millions on how influential social media is on public relations. These earthquake narratives all tell different versions of the same story; in fact, they all tell different versions of their own stories as well. Get Essay It was equally unexpected and powerful. Alternative visions require alternative archives, and what is foregrounded are the dynamics of refiguring such a vision. The origins of the myth of the zombie are Haitian, and like the mythical zombie figure, everyone is depicted as mort-vivant, like the living-dead, more dead than alive in the post-disaster circumstances. Obsessive reworking and the multiplicity of drafts and versions of these earthquake narratives enable preservation of the text as it produces its own archives.

For the regions with high seismic activity, 7. In these post-earthquake times, Haitian representations of Haiti matter more than ever

Essays on earthquake in haiti

This artwork, reproduced below, depicts a number of bodies and body parts lying underneath the rubble. The Haiti earthquake was another good lesson to seismologists, and once again emphasized the need to develop sound technologies which would predict earthquakes and warn populations about it. The strikes of such intensity usually cause moderate damage to property RMS, Measured 7. The earthquake was predominately felt in Haiti, specifically the Port-au-Prince area, but was also felt in surrounding areas such as the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Cuba see figure 1. The river—the longest on the island and a major source of drinking water there—had been contaminated with fecal matter carrying a South Asian strain of cholera bacteria. These factors have contributed to an increasing sense of insecurity.
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Haiti Earthquake Essay Example