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Besides that one could assume that the witches extend their power on Lady Macbeth as well. In this paper I would like to pay attention especially to these questions as well as to the female characters in general. London: , p. Lady Macbeth is a very intelligent woman who uses her knowledge of her husband to control him. Because of this, instead of asking if he wants to do something, she tells him what they are going to do. I heard the owl scream, and the crickets cry. When making a decision, one should use reason, which is having a logical justification or motive. We had the impression that no cruelty in the world can harm her, but in her last appearance she is broke.

Feminist critics focus on the gender roles and stereotypes present in literature and whether literature reinforces those stereotypes Siegel Whether it is expressing her true emotions and wishes, her struggle to gain power, or her disdain towards her husband, Lady Macbeth continuously struggles with the unresolved problem of finding her true self as well as combating the stereotypes put on women London: Macmillan, The fact that she goes out of her way to make her husband's dream a reality speaks for itself.

In the opening scene of her play, Medea invokes Hecate, the goddess of night, hell and magic, to help her revenge herself on Jason by killing the king and the whole royal stock.

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In modern times, people usually refer to the more masculine one of the relationship as "the pants," and the more feminine one as "the pumps.

Macbeth does not have clear ambition to kill King Duncan till Lady Macbeth suggests him to do so Lady Macbeth is represented by this quote because she abstains from violent actions and turns to violent language instead.

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In this essay let's consider their guilt-problem. On the other hand, Macbeth utilizes free will to try to rush time to reach his fate faster.

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Thomas, QuestiaSchool One must argue that the relationship between Lady Macbeth and her husband is the "healthiest" relationship in all of Shakespeare's plays.

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