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For instance, in an analysis of the rhetoric of two ethnic nationalist Flemish parties in Belgium, Breuning and Ishiyama counted the references in the party platforms to the terms foreigners and immigrants. However, the increasing availability and current ubiquity of computers has revolutionized this methodology.

Paying human coders or purchasing content analysis software would, obviously, add to the expense of implementing a content analysis study. In other words, studies may employ content analysis for a variety of purposes.

For this reason, this research paper does not include an overview of available programs.

Coding in content analysis

New programs enter the market on a regular basis, and older ones disappear. Content analysis is not new. Although this is accurate, it also sells content analysis short as a method for analyzing the content of communications. The speed with which computers can analyze large volumes of text is not the only advantage. Contemporary text is far more likely to be accessible in such a format than are older documents. Computer-Assisted Content Analysis Content analysis predates the invention of computers. For word counts, it will list all the words that will be counted as being indicative of a specific dimension, including synonyms and variations of each word. The third step involves creating the coding manual and coding schedule Bryman, A clear and explicit coding manual is an important key to a successful content analysis study, especially if multiple coders work on the project, but it is also important to persuade others of the validity of the study. In other words, it is impossible to judge the merits of content analysis software in the abstract and without reference to the purposes for which it is being considered. Others view it as preferable but not essential Berelson, ; Holsti, Whereas survey research can be expensive, a study using content analysis can be completed for very little money. Although it can be useful to understand what motivates decision makers, it is highly unlikely that such individuals would make themselves available for psychological testing. What Is Content Analysis? Holsti reported a trend toward a more frequent use of content analysis, as well as its application to a broader array of problems, including subjects of interest to political scientists.

Theme coding can be tricky, since it involves judgment rather than simple counts. The investigator needs to carefully consider a variety of issues in order to design a content analysis that helps her or him find answers to a specific research question.

Qualitative analysis does not inherently require such explicit research design and quite often depends on the expertise of the investigator see, e. This remains the work of the investigator. A distinct benefit of content analysis is that it is an unobtrusive research method Babbie, If the question can be answered using text or other communications, then a content analysis may well be a useful strategy.

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Generally, this means that content analysis proceeds on the basis of instructions that enumerate explicit categories.

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Content Analysis (Research Methodology) Research Papers