Comparison of hr policies of tatasteel with sail

Roofs The Tata Steel product range in roofing solutions extends from the traditional built up systems through composite systems to the modular Hi-Point system. From steel decking, plate and modular systems to fully engineered flooring, Tata Steel offers best-in-class solutions in terms of finish, speed of installation, quality, cost or thermal efficiency.

The hospital is equipped with modern medical devices and facilities like medical mobile van, ambulances and serves almost 25km area with specialist doctors.

But the sum of these perquisites can never equal the figure salaries drawn by their private sector peers. Over the years, a highly performance-driven approach has helped Tata Bearings achieve an influential and crucial position in its target industry segment.

The hospital has various departments offering healthcare services in specific areas. Medical facilities at the Raw Material locations across Jharkhand Noamundi, Jamadoba and West Bokaro and Odisha Joda, Sukinda and Bamnipal offer free medical treatment to Company employees and also extend the services to local population at nominal charges.

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Recently however there have been various moves by the government to close this gap.

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