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Creation of Climate of Peace A climate of peace has to be created in the potential conflict area, and a culture of negotiation has to be developed with all parties. France There have been a number of separatist movements causing attempts at secession, such as Katanga in Zaire, Biafra in Nigeria, and others in Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. Causes of intercultural conflict, on the other hand, occurs when we guess, assume, shame, or blame other cultures that are different from what we have been enculturated into while growing up. Additionally, the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy LURD rebel group received weapons from the Guinean governments which they used to kill civilians in Monrovia during the conflict in Liberia Keili Following independence, several regimes across the sub-region have mismanaged state resources and weakened governance institutions which has resulted in economic stalemate, political apprehensions and breakdown of social peace and stability. Today, these twin factors constitute a major cause of violent conflicts and civil strife in West Africa. Human rights violations Incidences of human rights abuses and violations are numerous in West Africa and as such this forms the basis for the eruption and renewal of violent conflicts and civil strife in the sub-region. As indicated earlier, while conflicts are not always violent, the ones that have affected West Africa have been characterized by violence and brutality. Additionally, lack of political will of governments of West African states to create transparent and accountable governance institutions, address human rights issues and implement signed peace agreements and resolutions is also a challenge hindering the resolution of violent conflicts in the sub-region.

Therefore, it is desirable that African leadership can and should rise and take up the challenge by working towards development for the benefit of all citizens of the continent.

Other regional civil society affiliated institutions, like the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre KAIPTC in Ghana since its inception inhave trained various military, police and civilians in conflict prevention and peacekeeping.

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What must be noted is that democracy can only be nurtured in a stable and secure society, but cannot be sustained in the midst of social turmoil and political instability. Poor economic performance Of the many socioeconomic causes of conflict in Africa, the main cause of the unending conflict originates from the bad economic performance of the countries. Even though there are several other specific causes of violent conflicts and civil strife in West Africa, the paper will focus on discussing the aforementioned. The Mali conflict: avoiding past mistakes, Policy Brief No. Mali profile. All these serve as both triggers and consequences of war. Liberia: conflict profile. Intergroup conflict is caused when two or more groups of any type disagree, although, not because of having different personalities. Upon gaining independence, most African nations did not make adjustments due to the fact that most nations gained independence at different times.

Elite conflicts that occur within the political leadership. Take, for instance, the Wagalla Massacre which happened many years back and up to date, nothing has been done to address it. Mali profile.

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This may be as a result of support of rebels from other countries or separatist movements. Other challenges identified by scholars include weak institutional structures; language barrier Anglo-Francophone-Lusophone ; lack of skills and expertise in conflict mediation and dialogue; lack of resources; lack of political will; lack of coordination between and among ECOWAS agencies and its partners; and non-inclusive peace-building processes. It is not the people that are spoiling them. Like the rest of Africa, the West Africa sub-region is neither immune to the poverty canker nor ignorant of its impact on their fragile peace and stability. Africa should work towards getting out of the zone of turmoil, characterised by poverty, repression and war, in which it has existed all along, into zone of peace, in which can be found peaceful, democratic and wealthy nations. The following article will discuss the main causes of conflict in Africa READ ALSO: List of East African countries and their capitals Types of conflict Before we delve into the causes of violent conflict in African nations, let us first examine intergroup and intercultural conflict. Causes of Conflicts in West Africa The root of violent conflicts and civil strife in West Africa is linked to several complex factors. But many African countries have not been able to suppress mass discontent. These agitations sometimes take violent forms and are seen as channels for punishing governments for their failure to alleviate poverty ECOWAS Particularly for Liberia, this was prominent as 49 per cent of the population reportedly identified ethnicity and ethnic divisions as the root cause of the Liberian civil wars Vinck et al In that it has shifted the focus from the deep seated root causes of bad governance, corruption, discrimination, ethnic marginalization, and unstructured military governance to terrorist activities which is mainly an offshoot of the conflict Bourkhars Types Conflicts afflicting African states are brought about by a number of factors, in an attempt to produce a typology of which is identifiable by sectors. Even though there are several other specific causes of violent conflicts and civil strife in West Africa, the paper will focus on discussing the aforementioned. Brisibe, A A

April 27 At independence, the African governments shied away from making adjustments, and in any case, this was difficult as they did not all reach independence at the same time. The regional crisis and human rights abuses in West Africa: A briefing paper to the U.

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By the end of the second civil war, there were reported high cases of rape and torture, high death rates, destruction of basic infrastructure and services, malnutrition and about 21, child soldiers to disarm and demobilize Vinck et al

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