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Can knowing too much knowledge lead insanity

Ancient Greek philosophers used to warn their children about this ailment and Peter Drucker did a good job of combating it in the business world. The results of this study also hold implications for memory research, he said. The statement was an ironical criticism of the society in which he found himself, and he knew it would be dangerous for him to overtly criticize it. These scholars give ground on colloquial information so that they can digest more within their field. Even worse, you may start comparing yourself to people who know more than you do. Too much knowledge may limit your imagination, deprive you of holistic thinking: While the dangers of too little knowledge are widely acknowledged, not everyone appreciates the inherent dangers of too much knowledge particularly because of the inconsistencies and incoherence in the body of knowledge that surrounds us. A new study found adults did better remembering pictures of imaginary animals than they did remembering pictures of real cats. Here are six ways you might be too smart for your own good: 1. One son who gave his parents the gift of a genetic test learned he had a half-brother — i. The brain is not intelligent because of the sheer volume of data it can ingest, but for the way it can quickly discern patterns — and then guess the rest. Yet generally, we say we strongly prefer the truth to being deceived, even if deception is pleasant. Workers unable to tear themselves from electronic and phone messages are said to incur a point decline in their IQ. There is also the danger of super specialization, which can deprive people of a holistic understanding of life. Then you use your specialized knowledge. Doubtless he has a corporate communications team which has itself become enslaved to the noise of the financial market.

Over and above that one has to be practical in relation to the context and not let your absolute knowledge overpower practicality. Every day people acquire more and more new knowledge.

too much knowledge is agony

He has his own informational vacuum to fill, fearing the unknown and unpredictable opinions and behaviour of the owners of the shares in the company he stewards.

Hedge funds are high-octane investment vehicles employing substantial leverage and "shorting" shares - selling stocks that they don't own in the expectation that their price will fall.

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So information, knowledge and education are powerful and great to have, but they can also make you too smart for your own good. For those on Wall Street, this is often an unfortunate demonstration of the power of wisdom over knowledge. Sunderland is too much of a gentleman to kick these internal messengers, but he is clearly frustrated both at the news they bring and the gaps in their knowledge.

Children, on the other hand, looked closely at each picture to determine if it was similar to the picture of the cat which had beta cells.

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Cite This Page:. Decisions are destroyed by over-analysis. Yet we still spend our days analyzing information and falling into traps. It only means that it must be handled with care like high voltage electricity. If it's not Red Bull, reported to be the unfortunate Paul Gascoigne's latest substance of choice, it is the compulsive checking of emails and the internet. Sunderland is too much of a gentleman to kick these internal messengers, but he is clearly frustrated both at the news they bring and the gaps in their knowledge. Those people rarely make it very far.

In many ways, we are all idiot savants: our expertise in certain areas necessitates weakness elsewhere. Share via Email Mankind's addictive personality can adapt itself to depend on society's most modern creations.

Too much knowledge may not be dangerous in itself, yet showing off that knowledge to anyone and anywhere at all the places can be dangerous because it does attract envy. There was a period of time when I was going to a local university library to learn some new programming skills.

Work, leisure and sleep are all disrupted by the terrors of the modern communications age, with the inevitable consequences for productivity countering the more obvious advantages bestowed by lightning-quick interaction.

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Over and above that one has to be practical in relation to the context and not let your absolute knowledge overpower practicality. The inappropriate use of categorization can also lead to problems such as stereotypes of groups, Sloutsky said. This experiment was almost exactly like the first one, in which adults and children were shown pictures of cats, bears and birds and had to remember which pictures they had seen before. However, doing something is better than doing nothing but waiting until you have it all figured out; that day might never come. An active investor or trader, recognising the power of knowledge - about both the economic and industrial facts and their collective interpretation - will make sure that he is at the heart of the market's information exchange. At least when you buy a share you can only lose your initial investment. The markets thrive on the constant flow of information between their participants. Photo credit: Limitless. Blurting out the truth for truth's sake is potentially very damaging. John Sunderland, chairman of Cadbury Schweppes and president of the CBI, railed this week at the behaviour of the fund management community, and of hedge funds in particular. Created in California in , it's the world's first personalized genetic-testing company.

To earn my Masters degree, I had to write a lengthy thesis hundreds of pages to demonstrate a command of knowledge in a broad field. The reason children did so much better than adults was that they had not yet learned to categorize animals, he said.

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Is knowledge always good?