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For example, a brief submitted to the court must advocate and persuade. The audience tends to be seasoned, discerning and unforgiving. Option B If the respondent was acting in good faith, the tribunal would expect to see an internal consideration of the financial data, contemporaneous evidence of management discussions as to weighing up the options available to the joint venture, pre-emptive discussions with the claimant regarding potential termination and an opportunity for the claimant to remedy any concerns.

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Discussion of the facts - the bedrock of most cases, even before application of the law - should not assume the judge's familiarity with the case. Make sure you have given what you want by way of relief to the tribunal in an easy-to-follow manner, well linked with the legal and factual basis for it.

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Use a shorter one instead of a longer one. Did they draw a different conclusion from the facts than you made in your argument?

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They apply to other forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation as well as to the work lawyers do with clients generally. Good and bad written advocacy in this sense is best demonstrated by way of an example: imagine a factual dispute as to whether a party terminating a joint venture contract, the respondent, acted in good faith or not in sending a termination notice. This will make your pleadings easier to follow and inspire confidence in them. You do not want there to be any misapprehension as to what your case is. For anything over around 25 pages, an index or table of contents is a good idea. Approved, can take the oath and sign up for organ class. Written advocacy therefore represents a unique opportunity to start winning the persuasion battle and optimise the prospect of ultimate success. Such a narrative must be clear, must appear fair, must take reasonable account of the facts especially the difficult facts and must be consistent with the documentary evidence.

By way of example: "In New York, a person who knowingly purchases goods cannot bring a claim for breach of implied warranty.

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