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Zimmermann, By Kim Ann.

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One similarity between plots was that both of theā€¦. The movie not only focuses on soccer but also on the role gender plays in the lives of the characters, how cultural differences impact each person throughout the film, and how race is still an important issue within each society.

She cannot fight the 'system' in vulgar.

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There are certain tasks that have been traditionally completed only by men, and others that have been assigned to women; most of which are separated by the realm of the domestic sphere.

Women was regarded as 'imperfect men' in that era since their existence was oppressed by false rules. However, lying is the minor thing she can do. Although we might ignore it when we are walking down the street, there is always something wanting to catch our attention.

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Juxtapositioning is one of the techniques used by Gurinder Chadha to show the conflict of the two cultures. Ernest Hemingway analyses the behavioral patterns of such culture in his short story "Hills Like White Elephants", where the concept of Hedonism- fathomed as an egotistical action whose only purpose is to bestow pleasure- and its consequences on the individual is explored. The first set of dialogue that can be pulled from this story is story is short and to the point. Although there were many contrasts, Bend It Like Beckham and Whale Rider shared many similarities between their individual plots. Through humour and reason, numerous optimistic and pessimistic outlooks of homosexuality are created which generates an impression of cliche personalities for lesbians and gay. The use of juxtapositioning becomes effective because the audience becomes aware of the happiness both girls are showing for opposite reasons. The Sikh culture believes in five vices and lust is one of them. The play revolves around some acts of deception, for example Rosalind and Celia disguising themselves as Ganymede and Aliena. But in the end, Jess builds up the courage to tell her family the truth and her family accepts her wishes and allows her to go abroad to play soccer. William Shakespeare examines the customs of marriage practice of the Renaissance time period in his work As You Like It She overhears an argument between Jules and Jess and thinks they are having a lovers quarrel. Bowie, Fiona. This kind of oppression was experienced by Joan. The connection of food, and the role of the Mexican revolution is depicted in this excerpt, and the use of intense emotion and sorrow is used to create a dismal atmosphere filled with loss and loneliness. We see the similarities of both women, Jess, and Joan.
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Bend It Like Beckham Essay