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The study recommended a balance of performance measures within the four perspectives of the BSC.

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Lewis, R. Maher opines that the essential elements of the balanced scorecard are ingrained in the eight objectives identified above.

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Kureshi, N. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley. Another cause for concern is that apart from Etim and Agara who asserted that there are indications that United Bank for Africa may have implemented the balanced scorecard, Ibrahim who investigated the use of BSC as a technique for assessing performance by Nigerian banks, and Ibrahim and Murtala who examined the relevance of balanced scorecard as a technique for assessing performance in the Nigerian banking industry, the researcher is unaware of any other study that has examined the adoption of BSC by Nigerian banks.

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Wolk, A. The effectiveness of the balanced scorecard on strategy management processes: A Case study in a Portuguese Industrial Company. Performance management is running the business. Antonsen, Y. Using balanced scorecard to assess performance of banks in Ghana. Christ, as the Word made flesh, could be raised to the level of God without destroying monotheism; the Jewish God, as the absolute and unknown, could be reduced to the position of a constitutional sovereign; by a mystery the impulses of the Church could be satisfied, and yet the purity of Christianity be preserved. The Accounting Review, 79 1 , Ittner, C. Now, when we consider the results of taking averages of ten such digits, we see at once that there is an opening for a more extensive arrangement.

Beyond the balanced scorecard: Refining the search for organizational success measures. The rise of the balanced scorecard: Relevance regained?

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Harvard Business Review November Boston: Harvard Business School Press. The balanced scorecard: measures that drive performance. Antonsen, Y.

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The balanced scorecard: measures that drive performance. But applied to the past it shifts its meaning, owing to the fact that whereas some men have conjectures only, others have positive knowledge. Waruhiu, H. Performance management is running the business. Cambridge, MA: Root Cause. Thus, managers are tempted to manipulate performance to avoid sanctions. The Balanced Scorecard Institute on its part defined balanced scorecard as a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organisations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organisation, improve internal and external communication, and monitor organisation performance against strategic goals. Kaplan, R. The balanced scorecard: Judgmental effects of common and unique performance measures.

Internal perspective ; can we continue to improve and create value?

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