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It is important to delve deeply into these for people to realize the harsh realities it brings. As soon as we are confronted with something, the frontal lobe of our brain makes an immediate judgment based on prior knowledge Henrique 2.

discrimination in the movie crash

Behaviors are variable according to the circumstances and, therefore, can not judge a person independent of them. Winborne even said, editing was tricky we had around half-a-million feet of film 2.

This movie illustrates how discrimination and prejudice has affected our everyday lives, due to the misconceptions we have of each other.

The film takes place in the city of Los Angeles, which comprises of fast moving people who also think in an advanced manner. Throughout this ultimately counter-hegemonic film, many dominant ideologies about race, ethnicity, and class are both reinforced and deconstructed.

This is similar to a parable where people learn through their own actions. The film itself centered on these stereotypes which usually start from small ordinary matters until it resulted to a full-blown violence.

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However, just like what was shown in the film, as long as there are people who will make us realize that what we have prejudged is wrong then stereotypes will continue to be distorted and eventually, be destroyed. In the film, redemption comes through random personal acts, like the thug Anthony's freeing of Thai refugees, but society as a whole remains the same, as do the conditions that produced both Anthony's behavior and the traffic in human beings.

the movie crash and cultural diversity

This again reveals the superficiality of the thoughts and orientation of human minds.

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Analysis of the movie Crash Essay Example