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In Apple Inc. Threats of substitutes depend on you the performance of your products and the costs of changing from one product to another.

Apple is free to choose from among a large number of potential suppliers for component parts for its products. Apple ecosystem.

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Cross-platform development tools for smartphone applications. So, the level of competitive rivalry in the industry is strong. The reasons are due to Apple having a lot of control and suppliers not. Apple Inc. This force could be strong, weak, or moderate depending on the how well your product delivers value. For example, Apple's Iphone! The secondary challenge is establishing brand name recognition within an industry that already has several companies, such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, with very strong brand recognition. A business is comparable to a living creature that breathes and lives its own life.

Industry Analysis Bargaining power of Buyers Buyer power is moderate. Low switching cost also creates a problem, because many people prefers to switch to Android because of the iOS cost, functions, network externalities and other concerns Ferguson, It is because even now people need PCs and laptops to carry out office work and for professional use.

Buyer power can lead to lower prices or having to increase costs by adding features, services, quantity in order to sell.

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The Apple iPod is a leader in the digital music arena despite the stiff competition it faces from Spotify and Pandora. It has been able to struggle through the tough financial times it faced in the s to become a successful brand.

Efficiencies vs.

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These external factors make new entrants weak. It is because several brands in the smartphone market have introduced low to mid-priced models. You can understand the factors that affect your ability to serve your customers and your profit levels. You can improve your position by exploiting the weaknesses of your rivals. However, such products have low performance due to limited features. Overall, the companies do not face such a big threat from the bargaining power of suppliers. Apple is free to choose from among a large number of potential suppliers for component parts for its products. This device was launched in to play iTunes music downloads and improved the brand image of Apple Inc. Apart from that Apple products are not developed entirely by any single supplier. Thus, this part of the Five Forces analysis shows that the bargaining power of suppliers is a minor issue in developing Apple Inc. Bargaining Power of Suppliers The bargaining power of suppliers is a relatively weak force in the marketplace for Apple's products. What is that one obvious objective that businesses are run for? Even Amazon offers competing products like Kindle and had introduced its Fire smartphone which could not be a big success. Apple has been through several ups and downs since its foundation.
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Apple Porter's Five Forces Analysis