Ancient rome vs united states

For the past century, America has been preoccupied with war, either fighting a war, recovering from a war, or preparing for a war.

Some see similarities in our moral decay. The Romans replaced their king who served for life with a system of two consuls elected by citizens for an annual term.

U.s. in comparison with roman empire

Ultimately, a double standard of morality developed. The progression from idolatry to sexual perversion to anarchy to judgment is found throughout history. On the other hand, it can easily be argued that these types of entertainments and politics are nothing new historically and can be found in any century. Writing in the Federalist paper No. In the first stage, men ceased to lead their families in worship. Soon they revolted to gain access to material wealth and also freedom for sex outside marriage. Others see similarities in pride, arrogance, and hubris. Still, this is not likely to result in a serious military loss unless a more direct confrontation takes place, which at this point seems impossible. But while the U. While some see similarities in moral decay, others see it in military might or political corruption. Therefore, the issues do not suggest a tie specifically between modern America and ancient Rome.

The Roman Republic also provided an important caution. Just as Republicans and Democrats are focused on political gain rather than the public good, the inability of the opposing political parties of the Roman Republic — Optimates aristocrats and Populares populists — to work together led to the imposition of Caesar as dictator and the end of the Republic.

Norm breaking, violence, and even assassination had proven useful political tactics.

rome and america similarities

The Senate would usually have more power over the Executive branch and there was very little independence among the branches of government, which tended to be heavily influenced by dominant political faction. Ambitious Romans began to adopt them with greater regularity and more sophistication.

The fall of the roman empire compared to america

Although God has revealed Himself in nature to all men so that they are without excuse, they nevertheless worship the creation instead of the Creator. But while the U. Finally, unbelief in God became more complete, parental authority diminished, and ethical and moral principles disappeared, affecting the economy and government. In the times of Noah and Lot, there was the idolatry of greed, there was sexual perversion and promiscuity, there was anarchy and violence, and finally there was judgment. For the past century, America has been preoccupied with war, either fighting a war, recovering from a war, or preparing for a war. Perhaps the single best hope for America and the world is the potential of emerging technologies to overcome the limitation of resources that has always existed. But now, as the US faces a deepening political crisis, we are again looking to history to try to imagine our future. An old Republic can endure this type of crisis for a generation or a century. Notes 1. For more than a generation, Roman politicians tried to address the resentments that this growing inequality had created by proposing voting reforms and crafting schemes to distribute public resources to poor Romans. Roman rich also worked just as hard back in their time to pay less taxes, creating an increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor.
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The Fall of Rome and the Lessons for America Today