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The Soviet Union had been an ally during the time the crime was committed and was not a combatant during the Korean War Radosh and Milton, Julius had been introduced to left-wing political ideas in college. Partial translations were released in Sobell received a thirty-year sentence. Ethel also embraced communism. She was accused of being more committed to communist ideology than to her own children. Analyze and evaluate the evidence presented during the Rosenberg trial to determine the Rosenbergs' guilt or innocence, as well as the significance of their actions.

Students will source and corroborate primary source evidence from the Rosenberg trial to draw conclusions about the rectitude of the verdict.

Kaufman presides over the espionage prosecution of the couple accused of selling nuclear secrets to the Russians treason could not be charged because the United States was not at war with the Soviet Union. And finally, the escalating casualties in the Korean War created a highly charged political atmosphere of distrust and obsessive fear of communism, and the need to ascribe blame for post-war gains by the communist bloc.

The Soviets exploded their first atomic bomb and effectively started the Cold War in September based on information, including that from Greenglass, they had obtained from spies.

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He named a man called "Raymond" as the contact to whom he had passed the secret documents. InBritish authorities arrested Fuchs, who admitted he had passed on valuable information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union during World War II.

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Even before the war ended, relations with the Soviet Union, one of America's leading wartime allies, were rapidly deteriorating. The issue of antisemitism was a constant undercurrent during the trial and its aftermath. Some contemporaries supported the sentence as the legitimate punishment for the crime committed. Washington Post , Watt, Holly. As the date of execution neared, support for the Rosenbergs intensified. Ethel had been an advanced student in high school and graduated early at the age of fifteen. Gold did not know the name of the soldier at Los Alamos, but he recalled that the soldier's wife was named Ruth. When David Greenglass went into the army in , he was proud to serve his country, but he also felt pride in furthering the communist cause by supporting the Soviet Union and recruiting fellow soldiers into the Communist Party. As was common with Jewish radicals, the abandonment of religious belief and affiliation was a necessary step in the assumption of a transcendent universalist ideology. The most incriminating evidence regarding Ethel's participation came in testimony by her brother and sister-in-law. The trial was set for March

At the trial, the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell were charged with conspiracy to commit espionage, not espionage itself. The Soviet Union had been an ally during the time the crime was committed and was not a combatant during the Korean War Radosh and Milton, At Seward Park High School, although shy and often reticent, she showed early promise as an actor, and starred in several school theatrical productions by the time of her graduation in For a few years before their sons were born, Julius and Ethel were active members of the Communist Party.

One of the jurors was African American. The lack of diversity and absence of Jewish representation would spark controversy after the trial, when some of the supporters of the Rosenbergs came to claim that the couple did not have a fair trial.

The Manhattan Project, a top-secret program, whose main laboratories were located in the remote area of Los Alamos, New Mexico, had developed the bombs during the war. Most of the Rosenberg and Greenglass family members wanted to distance themselves from the infamous atom spy case and formally changed their names.

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