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He seemed sometimes completely exhausted but never giving up, to the last bit of his strength he always helped and protected his protege … this is why the end is so powerful and tragic.

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The rest of the cast are limited by their roles, but Ray Walston is moving as the crippled old-timer who shares the hero's dreams of buying a small-holding and settling down, and John Terry not that one is fine as the ranch foreman trying to act nobly.

Certificate: PG John Steinbeck's novel about a pair of migrant ranch workers - sharp little George and hulking retard Lennie - was a major stage hit in the late 30s, first being produced as a film inwith a repeat performance in as a TV movie.

The supporting roles are all well cast, the script is good and the physical production first rate. A lot or a little? The central tragedy of the story is that these two men have formed a friendship that works -- they have a synergy in which each takes according to his needs and gives according to his abilities -- and when George isn't there Lennie gets into trouble through no fault of his own, and then the world slaps them down.

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Subscribe User Reviews. Stay up to date on new reviews. Yet her moral redemption also removes a lot of the potential for drama. It really wasn't half bad. This has always been in the Steinbeck novella, but it is the dominant mood of the film, which is gorgeous in the idealized way of beauty remembered. I think the friendship of George and Lennie could have been shown more. Advertisement What is this story really about? Lennie has a mental disability but is very strong, whereas George is very intelligent and cunning and he does the thinking for both of them, while Lennie does a lot of the work

She's sort of sweet and none too bright, which is politically correct. They can't find the balance, and get into a lot of trouble. Malkovich's performance as Lennie.

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