A literary analysis of enter without so much as knocking by bruce dawe

It shows how he and his household conform to society as becomes merely like everybody else taking a critical position of modern twenty-four hours society. Stanza 1 Blink, blink. The verse form shows how many people try to conform to what is normal and how it is seen that they should populate their lives. This is perhaps what "society" would say about them - an idea reinforced with the comment stars no-one had got around to fixing up yet. The quote reminds us that life is not forever; and that we are all faced with mortality. Imagery: Human life as a gameshow; family as an advertised product; Stars like kids at the circus; the cemetery as an underground city. What hooks you? Hello Metaphor: A pure unadulterated periphery of sky. Six feet down nobody interested. The first thing that he hears is not a loving mother, but the voice of materialism. The short sentences indicate how society tells us we should populate.

Straight off the Junior Department rack. The baby takes in the hospital, sees signs and expectations.

It's only the stars behind the drive-in movie screen that have not been tidied up yet, that are not part of the circus.

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It is worthwhile noting that none of these media products are Australian and thereby lies the message, that we are victims of cultural imperialism and this indicates that we have no culture of our own. He enjoyed - this comment on the child's opinion is the first sign of any emotion in the whole poem.

There's a problem with this paper. According to Dawe television has become a substitute for living. The parenthetical beeps could represent, apart from the obvious car horn, a censorship of swear words.

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He was not in control, and the unfinished sentence has been cut short deliberately to show the difference between life and death: a short blink and you miss it.

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enter without so much as knocking Bruce Dawe