A comparison in owning a fish and a dog

As with most other fish, you will need to feed them once or twice a day and do regular water changes and tank maintenance, but compared with a lot of other pets, they are very little trouble at all.

The costs of the equipment to maintain the aquarium is often higher than the cost of the purchase of the fish. With a little effort, you can probably make pet treats, beds, and toys yourself instead of buying the fancier versions from a shop. Bettas Are Beautiful And Interesting Fish tanks can be quite entertaining, particularly for young children.

Benefits of having pet fish

Depending on how long you are gone, you may skip a feed day, have an automatic feeder or have a friend come in to feed your fish. Pet owners have a huge range of accessories to choose from: kitty litter, aquarium pumps, chew toys, reptile heat lamps, collapsible leashes, harnesses, collars, pet restraints for the car, and luxurious covered doggie beds. In some cases, kennel fees may be part of the pet policy. Bettas will also really appreciate ornaments and plants as it will give them somewhere to hide when they are feeling shy which will really improve their quality of life. Another bonus is that you can be certain of no surprise veterinarian bills for hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Believe it or not, there are more than 25, known species of fish and over 2, of these can potentially thrive in an aquarium. The upkeep of an aquarium is not as difficult as with dogs, and there are many rewards to having aquariums. The cost of owning a pet in Australia: Dogs, cats, birds and fish compared 9- 10mins updated Aussies love their pets. The costs of the equipment to maintain the aquarium is often higher than the cost of the purchase of the fish. Instructional YouTube videos abound on how to house train puppies, teach obedience, give your pet a haircut or nail trim and much more.

Ask your fish dealer where your fish originated. Studies have shown that people watching fish tanks have lower stress levels. The substrate will harbor beneficial bacteria to help maintain water quality in the tank. Bored dogs will amuse themselves From chewing your shoes to scratching your doors, bored dogs will find ways to pass the time when you are not around.

Generally you want a fish that appears to be behaving normally and has its fins spread.

A comparison in owning a fish and a dog

This means you can keep them anywhere you have a bit of free surface space, making them ideal bedroom pets.

Fish tanks are very versatile: Dogs are not easily changed to suit your mood.

pet fish types

Selecting a Pet for Your Family has information that will help.

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How to Enjoy Having Pet Fish: 10 Steps (with Pictures)