A biography of mary mcleod bethune a black political activist

The following year, she attended Dwight L.

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Bethune's goal for attending the institute was to become an African missionary, but she decided to teach. When Booker T. She had unprecedented access to the White House through her relationship with the First Lady. By , the school's enrollment increased to Bethune also swallowed her pride and decided to solicit aid from rich whites. Sources Bethune, Mary McLeod, et al. The organization started in and by , Trent had raised over 50 million. Bethune also created a high school and a hospital for Blacks. It focused on unemployed citizens aged sixteen to twenty-five years who were not in school. Bethune stayed with the college until

Washington showed her a ragged clothe which held a diamond. She also opened a hospital, served as CEO of a company, advised four U.

mary mcleod bethune biography

But, by the college had developed a four-year curriculum and achieved full college status. William J.

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She concurrently worked with many civic organizations, including the Association of American Colleges, the League of Women Voters, and the National Urban League, and campaigned for desegregation in the U.

She handled her domain with the art of a master.

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She also worked in Chicago's slums, feeding the hungry, assisting the homeless, and visiting prisons. The merged institution became known as the Bethune-Cookman College. She organized the National Council of Negro Women in at the age of For many years after the end of slavery , Mary's family continued to work as sharecroppers on the plantation of former master William McLeod until they could afford to build a farm. In October , America's stock market crashed , and black men were the first to be fired. Their new home was in the poorest neighborhood, but it was here that Mary wanted to establish her school for black girls. President Calvin Coolidge invited her to participate a conference on child welfare. We must gain full equality in education Bethune often lectured to raise funds for her school and recruit students, emphasizing education to achieve self-sufficiency. The school expanded its curriculum to included education courses. Additional funds for the school were raised by the African-American community--hosting bake sales and fish fries--which were sold to construction sites that had come to Daytona Beach. National officials did not support these due to inadequate funding and fear of duplicating the work of private non-governmental agencies.

Bethune's administrative assistants served as liaisons between the National Division of Negro Affairs and the NYA agencies on the state and local levels.

Death Failing health forced Bethune into retirement from government service. Mary loved going because she was allowed to play with the toys of the owner's grandchildren.

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